Leaving Virtuemart in favor of CS-Cart? Convince me!


I also used to have my store running Joomla and VirtueMart… And I can say it was the worst coded cart I have ever used, when I had it I was fixing about 5-10 errors a day. And some of the errors kept reversing themselves after I fixed them! Not to mention how bad the SEO features were.

Your in the right place for a shopping cart. I am loving CS Cart now and never looking back!

To answer your questions:

The possibility to use margins when adding the product price? [COLOR=“Red”]No, this would require custom work.[/COLOR]

An easy way of adding more images in the product description? [COLOR=“Red”]Yes, you can do this by default. You can add as many as you want.[/COLOR]

A CSV-import that actually works? [COLOR=“Red”]Yep, comes by default.[/COLOR]

A module that lets you bundle products and maybe add discounts? [COLOR=“Red”]There are a couple of different things like this that come by default.[/COLOR]

Maybe the possibility to add files to the customer area for personal download, like delivery notes, product manuals, etc? [COLOR=“Red”]Not sure about this one…[/COLOR]

Perhaps an easy way to use tabs in the product details page? [COLOR=“Red”]There are 2 free mod for this in the customers area of this forum.[/COLOR]

[QUOTE]Well, of course none of the above features have been addressed…

On top of that, it´s stated that upgrading to the latest version won´t be easy. It will also probably mess up my template really bad and make half of my current module work like ****.[/QUOTE]

I have heard that too, but since you will be doing a fresh install you can download the latest version – Complete and ready to install.

Hope this helps!