Learn With Cs-Cart Marketplace Academy

Create your own strategy for launching and developing marketplace.

  • What is CS-Cart Academy

    Academy includes step-by-step lessons on marketplace launch and growth. No complicated technical stuff—just pure business guides and techniques.
  • Who is the course for

    It's a course for entrepreneurs who want to start their own marketplace.
  • How you will learn

    You will get 1-2 lesssons weekly right to your mailbox. Do homeworks, pass exams, and get a certificate of completion. No deadlines, no obligations.
  • What will this course give you

    After completing the course, you will develop a shaped strategy for launching your own marketplace and get a certificate of completion.
  • How much is the course

    The course is free and self-paced.
  • When will CS-Cart Academy start

    The Academy opens in September but you can enroll now to be among the first students.

Enroll in the Marketplace Academy:

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