Leading zero in Product Code


i wrote several years ago about this issue and it still existis.

Please upload several Products with Product Code which begins with 0.

Alter some product informations in the CSV file and reupload.

You will find out that the information are not transfered because the 0 in the sku is cutted out.

Please provide a CSV file with such example.

It’s most likely whatever you’re using to edit the csv file such as Excel.

This is absolutely not true. Why should i repost this post after several years again?

CSV file is UTF-8 with enabled special number detection. Saved with Apache Open Office with proper separator.

Zero is there in the file, but some of the imports are skipped in CS-Cart.

This can be easy tested and reproduced.

Generate 500 products where code begins with 0, import them, reimport them with changed data.


I’ve just tried to upload 500 products csv files like you said but I didn’t have any issues.

The first file contains products starting from 00000001 to 00000500 with product title and language.

The second had the same products but added price, category and image.

I mean the only reason I would see it happening is if someone downloaded the products from CS-Cart admin panel as a csv and then modify that file. That wouldn’t work as Google Spreadsheet or Excel would assume it is a number and not a product code.

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Yes, yes. Import CSV into CS CART then export, edit and don’t forget to change information for products and import again.

Is it so hard to test it?

As explained if you export from CS-Cart, Google Spreadsheet or Excel will think it is a number and not a product code. The issue is not on CS-Cart side.

hm… i don’t think you are right. Have cs -team tested this yet?

I do not reproduce this issue.