Lazy load of blocks

What does the "Lazy load of blocks" addon do
The "Delayed loading of blocks" module allows you to select "Lazy load" in the block settings, so the page will load immediately, and the content for blocks with Lazy Load will be loaded after the page is loaded.

Delayed loading of blocks has already become a standard for large online stores, since with the increase in the number of products, the loading speed of the site pages decreases, and buyers do not linger on slow sites.

For example, if your regular page loads 300 ms, and a page with 5 product blocks loads 1500 ms, then with the "Delayed loading of blocks" module, the page will load about 300 ms, regardless of the number of blocks with goods.

At the moment, the addon is working with blocks:
1) Menu
2) Goods (with the exception of the filling "viewed")
3) Categories

At the moment, the addon is working with pages:
1) Catalog of goods (goods and subcategory of goods)

Compatibility with themes:
1) Responsive - great
2) mosuk theme - great
3) Youpi - good
4) UniTheme - good
The module is also compatible with other Responsive-based themes.

Block Settings:
1) Lazy load - on/off delayed block loading
2) When lazy load is triggered
Possible options are "When the block is visible" and "Immediately".
Allows you to select when the block contents should be loaded.
"When the block is visible" - the content will load when the block appears in the field of view.
"Immediately" - the content will load immediately after the page loads.
3) If there are no elements to display
Possible options are "Delete block" and "Information about missing elements".
The behavior of the block if no elements are found. For example, if the "Similar products" block does not have similar products.
"Delete block" - the block will be deleted from the page.
"Information about the absence of elements" - information about the absence of elements for display will appear in place of the content.

Module settings:
1) Lazy load on the Catalog page - allows on/off delayed loading of products and subcategories on catalog pages.