Layout Short Layout Problem between Main- and Subcategorie


I have two short questions/problems at the moment:

I will display the “div subcategories”

on a main categorie site from left to right, inline, and not from top to bottom.

(Here is the link to the page i mean: [url=“Körperpflege für Sie und Ihn |”][/url] )

How could i change this, i have try base.css: div clerfix and div subcat, the element is inline,

but i thing the problem is the table with ul/li.

And my second question:

Where could i change the differences between Main Categorie Site`s & Sub Categoriesites

Main Categorie: [url=“”][/url]

Subcategorie: [url=“”][/url]

but in the admin area i only find Design/Blocks/Categories and no differences between main- and subcategories !

Thanks a lot for helping hands!