Latest modifications for improved search?

Latest modifications for improved search?

With a two word search sometimes I get too many search results or none at all.

I have tried default search and the quick search addon:

Soon I will disable search as it is losing me sales.

Unless there are good modifications or settings available for the current version?

Should probably do an addon that will utilize goolge indexing and then use their search against that index… But I doubt people would be willing to pay Google their annual fee as well as the price of the addon.

There’s always Atom Search and a few others…

Thank you - I will look at Atom Search any others that you suggest?

Google would be ideal but expensive

There are a ton of them… Atom used to have a free version. I haven’t looked at them in a long time. Just do a search for “site search tools”.

Google is about $100 per year for a small site which is interesting.

Also I am going to try and play around some more with the quick search addon as possibly I am doing something wrong in how I set it up.