Largest Cart..

I wanted to see what is the most products cs-cart has held? We are importing over 200,000 products, we are up to 32,000 and so far so good. Has any one put more then 32,000 products in CS-Cart?

I have found some issues like the import we had to make our own, so far it has worked great…

CS cart told me they have tested it with over 100,000 products.

I’d be interested to see a large cart. Is your site live yet?

We have 32,000 online now at we still have a LOT of stuff to add though.

Not sure how many we have.

Lucifer that looks really good, I like the site as well.


What live chat program are you using on that website, and how did you get it into its own box on the side? Can we make our own boxes? Without having to hand code?



Mike, any modifications , to the store require coding, whether its a graphic change or functionality…everything requires some type of coding.

adding a box requires edit tpl files

I was just wondering if it there was a way to do this through the admin cp rather than editing files? I guess the answer is no. Oh well, one more thing to add to the features wishlist. :wink: In the meantime maybe you can sell the mod as an add on. I’d buy it. lol

You didn’t say what the name of the chat program was. Not a trade secret I hope. :wink:



Hi MikeK

The “Chat program” is (Kayako)

You can add side & center boxes by using the ads module and you can move the order of the boxes around, works great.

Kayako SupportSystem Rocks!!!

Zardos, do you happen to have the LoginShare file (a few kb i guess) for Kayako<->Cs–Cart?

(see kayako in map includes/loginshare there’s many but not for cs-cart…)

This way if one logs into cs-cart, he’s automatically logged in into kayako

support system as well…

Hi nwsco

Sorry M8 but no, i dont have kayako just yet, i am waiting for 1.3.4 to be released then i will have a go at the login share file for CS, but for now all work on my site is stopped until then.