Large order payment via PayPal truncating items

I’ve contacted PayPal Merchant Technical Support with this question, but wondered if anyone else has experienced the same issue.

A client has a large order of 134 products being placed via CS-Cart. When customer proceeds to process the order and is taken to PayPal, it appears the items being sent to PayPal are being truncated somehow.

Is there a limit on what can be sent from CS-Cart to PayPal?

Hello seven24,

There is no limitation on the number of products that can be sent in a request from CS-Cart to PayPal when placing an order. The problem can occur because the value of the “post_max_size” setting on your server is too small for sending such a big request. Please contact your server administrator and ask him/her to increase it.

Pavel Zyukin

CS-Cart Support team

Actually there is a limit weth Paypal as i have had this problem and spoken to Paypal about it.

As i sell sportscards i have many orders with large amount of cards. Paypal limits invoices

to first 99 products. I was told from PAypal that instead of having an itemized bill

to change settings in cs-cart to send a single line blanket invoice. I went to cs-cart with

this but was told i have to pay for it (which i don't see why as be;lieve it should be standard feature).

I did notice if customer places a discount code when checking out then the itemized invoice is turnd off and

a single line invoice is sent.

If you look at the cusotmers paypal bill you will see that only the first 99 items were paid.

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