Language pack

Hi !

I am new to Cs-cart but i wonder if you translate Cs-Cart Multi-Vendor to your language when you Export language from adminstration can this language pack be used for Cs-Cart professional ?


Hello karwan,

Thank you for your message.

Sure, you can. The only thing is that CS-Cart Multi-Vendor Edition has more language variables than CS-Cart Professional Edition. So when you export translated language variables from Multi-Vendor Edition and import them in Professional Edition, these language variables will become useless there, however you can just delete them if you wish.

Also there are some language variables in Professional Edition, which do not persist in Multi-Vendor Edition (e.g. language variables related to the Suppliers feature as long as this feature does not exist in Multi-Vendor Edition), so you should translate them manually after importing.

I hope I have managed to answer your question.

Thank you.

Pavel Zyukin

CS-Cart Support team