Language Location for "Credit Card"


When folks order the 3rd step I think has the option that says "Credit Card Discover, Visa, etc…'

Is there a way I can modify that text?

I’d really appreciate any help! Thank you!

if i understand your question correctly

the descriptions are made under “Payment Methods”. where you can describe and make available your own methods.

Thanks but no, this is the actual title. Right beside the circle where you select “Credit Card Discover, Visa, etc…”

That’s exactly what the title says. Do you know where I’d modify that?


Like Mike said…“Payment Methods”

To be a little more exact you would go to your admin - Administration - Payment Methods - Click on “Edit” for Credit Cards and then change the description to whatever you want.


[quote name=‘brandonvd’]To be a little more exact…[/QUOTE]


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I didn’t realize I could or think about just linking to the demo.


That’s why hes a mod :roll::cool::grin: