Language In Features - Brands


We're using the Brands option on the product features and i run in some questions regarding to the seo url.

The SEO addon is set to show the name in the url, but there is one thing that annoys me and is quite possible NOT good for seo. It keeps adding the country to the features, so for example:

When changing the friendly name from brand1-en to brand1, it still adds the -en (etc).

Isn't it supposed to be like this?

Yeah this sucks. You can't have the same seo name for each language or product even though there is a directory in the url. We "solve" this by doing something like:

Ah shit.
And here i am thinking i am doing something wrong.

This is weird though. Imo this should be something that's possible by default. category-RU isn't very SEO friendly.