Lack of documentation


I’m starting two projects using CS-Cart. I really like Admin sections and smarty templating system used.

What I don’t like is CS-Cart documentation: user documentation is really poor (it doesn’t add a word to user interface) and developer documentation is simply absent.

This is a big problem if you need to start a project in a couple of week.

I tried to ask CS-Cart’s support, but it seems they need 20 days to start a minimal personalization project…

The question is: if they cannot support too much projects why not investing some hours in creating a basic developer manual?


i’m currently working on a development manual but like everything else in the world sometimes their are more important things to spend your time on so ETA is unknown…

development wiki, maybe?

well i have 3 personalization projects that are being worked on right now

they told me they need 15 days before they can start

but 1 has been completed and it’s been like 4 days for that one

I think it’s talking them longer now since they are probably working on the new version of cs-cart

but if it does take 15 days then i think it’s fair I should get 15 days more support period :lol:

And also make sure that your projects work with the next edition of CS-Cart, or you will be paying out many more dollas. :rolleyes:

I think they should at least tell us a time frame of when the next version will be out

I really wish there was an online tutorial wiki…especially for working with the template setups. I know CSC team has a design doc but it’s not finished, nor is it very in-depth. The great thing about wikis is that users can add info so if CSC doesn’t have time to create one all us of can contribute.

Templating is not difficult: the smarty website is complete and well documented.

There you can find most of your answers.

But for exampe I replaced cs-cart buttons with images. I wanted to know how to obtain language session code to create images for different language.

I couldn’t find it. Then I decided to use a new translation to store language code, but this solution is not a clean one.

If you try to develop a new addon you need to access information easily.

A document in javadoc style would be a good start.

A wiki could be also useful.