Kids clothing - not your average cs-cart template (3.0.3)


Our latest cs-cart was launched.[size=5][/size]

2 companies worked for this website.

ED. - design & concept

Seonid - design integration in cs-cart

Feedback and comments are allways welcomed.

Excellent site. Definitely shows the power and flexibility of cs-cart 3

Although, I am not sure I like the home page. It doesn't convey this site is a store. It almost conveys this is a fun site for kids to play games at. If I were looking for kids clothing and came to your home page through Google I would leave and go to the next site. Maybe you went to cute rather than functional. I always tell my clients, my job as a designer is to not show off my capabilities, but to build the best site that helps sell your products. You might of got lost in the middle.

My two cents.

But don't let my criticism take away from the beautiful cs-cart work you did.

Well Done.

super awesome