Kelkoo Export?


I would like to know if someone has developed a mod to exporting products to Kelkoo, please.


I’ve made a quick&dirty one a half year ago, but never used it,

so it is untested in the real world, but you can try it.

Please adjust yourself where needed, or from help from others.

Also, this one is for version 1.3.3 or 1.3.4 only afaik

(for future ref., since i modded this one within the main php file…).

[COLOR=“Red”]STEP 1:


[COLOR=“Green”]-Open the file “/skins/YOURADMINSKINNAME/admin/tools_pages/export_catalog.tpl”

-Search for the 1st occurence of “”

-Add this code below that:[/COLOR]


{** Export to Kelkoo **}

{include file=“common_templates/subheader.tpl” title=“$lang.export_to $lang.file”}

{include file="buttons/button.tpl" but_text=$lang.export but_onclick="javascript:document.export_kelkoo_form.submit();" but_arrow="on" but_type="input"}


[B][B][COLOR="Red"]STEP 2:
[COLOR="Green"]-Download this zip file: [ATTACH]384[/ATTACH]
-Put kelkoo.gif in "/skins/YOURADMINSKINNAME/admin/images/"
-Put import_export.php in /include/admin/ (overwrite->yes)

This is the result:


Many thanks Nwsco!

I’m very happy about this forum, because we can help one another!

Best Regards!

ps: I’ll try this script as soon as possible!


Many thanks here to nwsco.


Is there a way to export also categories related to products, please?

Many thanks