Just Sub Cat Img then Product Images

Hi I have been looking to display my navigation as such,

Link on nav bar leading to --------------- Sub category image links only (no products displayed yet.)

These sub category images link to ---- next set of sub cat image links only.

From here the product image links appear.

I want to use the sub categories to filter the products until consumers get to their final destination, then products are visable.

Example consumer path,

Nav bar — Photo Canvases

Image Sub cats — Gallery wrap : Image wrap : Mirror wrap

Image Sub cat Sub cats — Square : Vertical Rectangle : Horizontal rectangle

Now show products as images.

I am currently using [color=#555555]CS-Cart 3.0.6 Professional Edition (actually in my file area it seems I have also been updated with [/color][color=#555555]CS-Cart 4.0.1 Ultimate Edition? unaware of this until now) Admin area is operating Professional Edition.[/color]

This can be done as a custom mod. Please feel free to contact us at http://www.cscartrocks.com/contacts/

Thanks for that, I will look into it now.

Thanks CS Cart Rocks!

You did a fantastic job and have given me what I need.

If anyone wants to check out his fine work…


For cs-cart 4, solution can be found here [url=“Sub Category Images in 4.x - Store Design & Templates - CS-Cart Community Forums”]Sub Category Images in 4.x - Store Design & Templates - CS-Cart Community Forums


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