Just purchased CS-CART

Hi Everyone,

I just purchased cs cart and Im really excited. I was wondering how will I receive the software? Will I be given a link? And how long will it take.

Since im a newbie here i’ll be needing everyones help :confused:



Roughly 48 hours… I redcieved my own in less :stuck_out_tongue:

being the weekend and they dont work, it should be available first thing monday . welcome aboard. cs cart is really great and the people here are great helps too

Hi Lisa,

Thanks for the info. By the way is that your website [url]http://www.planethi-fi.com/[/url]

Its really modded up and looks great. Do you have much experience with cs cart?


thanksa alot but you should look through and see what others have done with thier carts. as far as the coding, i know more now than when i started. but its still hunt and peck and try and try, mostly i just changed the images to chagne the backgrounds. my graphic cart i just put back to original cart because i didnt like the way it looked so im going to redo that one.

I wish I had known cs-cart sooner! What a great cart!