just general question

in the first i am sorry for my bad english … ( french nativ )

i search in forum but … ( i not undestand, anyone can help me with simply explication ) i use translator …:frowning:

1- how i can change logo in invoice ?

2- how i can change logo in the link partners ?

3-before ùy shop are in OSC now is cs cart ( i cannot adapt google map …and every days, i see in google my index is …before i have 1500 and now i have 310…) how i can adapt google site map … i see here in the forum but english for me is …problem :frowning:

4- anyone have idea how i can add player ( i have many product… cd )

thanks for your assistance …

best regards


PS: after many days i add in my profile my site …i l’ike it and i like cs cart;-) i am newbie…thanks for ur help …

  1. /Skin//customer/top.tpl

```php {* $Id: top.tpl 2474 2006-11-05 11:39:30Z zeke $ *}


2. No Idea, I don't use the partners
3. Not 100% sure what you want, Google Sitemaps?
4. What player/products?

thanks jesselee…

Thats ok for logo in invoice …

for google i have account in google and necessary i send link eg:www.mysite.com/sitemap.php or xml … i see here many post for site map ( but my english is elementary :confused: :confused: )

– how i can create google site map for my cs cart…shop

and for player …

i buy music ( CD ) before i use player flash but this big work; create link…and more … i find idea or other for just add link link to file mp3 or flash …

thanks before …

best regards…


Hi samsam

Logo for invoice is in mail/orders/invoice.tpl






or keep the same name and copy your logo into mail/images/invoice_logo.gif

thanks john…


Hi sam

The only thing i can think of for the partners link at top and bottom is to disable the link in your “config.php”

$admin_index = 'admin.php';
$customer_index = 'index.php';
[COLOR="Red"]// $partner_index = 'partner.php';[/COLOR]
$image_index = 'image.php';

Add these // in front of $partner_index = ‘partner.php’; I canot figure were the link is picked up from, something to do with:

{foreach from=$top_links item="link"}

i try //… but thats not operate because i use cs cart in french …and partners is here ( in french ) and when i click him i go in index …


merci .