Json Parse Error When Going To Flash File

Hi, I have a Flash file on a store that a user can click on the homepage. When they click it, it should take them to the file where they can browse product information etc. However whenever I click on the link, an error is shown that says the following: -

Error Oops, something went wrong (SyntaxError: Unexpected token <). Please try again.

However whenever I control click or right click to open in a new tab or window, it works fine. How can I fix this issue? It's as if CS Cart is blocking links to Flash files on web pages.

Thank you.

Could you provide the link to this page so that we can try this?

It's on a local development site and can't put it online, sorry.

However I have a basic CS Cart installation (4.3.4) and there is a simple text link on the page (homepage in particular) that takes you to /subfolder/index.html and the flash file is embedded in the page as a flash object.

The only way around this so far that I've been able to find is right clicking to open in a new window seems to work and I think due to caching, it then continues to work. Clearly cache doesn't bring the problem back but intermittently until you open in a new tab or window again.

I think it's down to the AJAX request not being able to properly parse the Flash file.

It is hard to answer on your question without detailed examination. And it is not clear why ajax is used here. If the link has the cm-ajax class, try to remove it

I concur, if it's simply an anchor tag (link) to a page, AJAX would/should not be involved. Get rid of any cm-ajax class you might have in your anchor tag.

At a mimimum, if you want help, post the page source for the actual link and any surrounding divs that might have cm-ajax as a class.