JS problems with latest version of Google Chrome?

I seem to be experiencing a Javascript problem with the latest release of Chrome.

I have testing ir IE7, IE8, FF 3.5, Safari 4, Opera 10 and Chrome 4.1.2

My inventory is tracked with options and Exception style : Hide exceptions

Most of my products have sizes that have an exception hidding them.

In all these browser except Chrome 4.1.2 the sizes are removed from the pulldown (I can see it happen if I have tons of tabs open in FF) and my stock status updates correctly if I switch size and color combinations.

Strange thing that Chrome worked just last week… I can’t say exactly when it stopped but it has. Other thing to note is that safari works, since it uses the same html render engine as chrome we can assume that isn’t the problem… and that it relates to Chromes JS engine.

Anyone else having this problem?

I did notice it after upgrading to 2.0.13 and then reverting… you think thats related? I haven’t noticed any other problems after reverting.

I have now installed chrome on another 2 machines and tested… Definitely not working and the only browser that it doesn’t work on.

I am selling clothing, and each product links to a global list of sizes that I then use exceptions to narrow to the sizes that are available for the product. In Chrome the sizes that I have excluded are shown in the pulldown and the stock settings do not change when the options are changed.

maybe the JS code is messed up??