jquery issue

Hi all

I used to use a block of code in a banner.tpl file that I then included in many of my cscart installs - was a small little piece of code that rotated images for the homepage - worked wonderfully in 1.34 and 1.35 clients - I am trying to include my block of code in a 2.1.0 install and it works - but I am getting some IE error message in the status bar:

Message: Object doesn’t support this property or method and then

URI: [url]http://MYDOMAIN.com/js/ajax.js[/url]

So i know 2.X uses the standard jquery libraries so I am wondering if anyone knows how I can get rid of this - all my banner.tpl file has is this:

So I am not even duplicating the jquery files - but I am suspect (limited ajax knowledge) that there is a function duplication or something.

The line in view source that is giving the error is:

Any thoughts would be wonderful - thanks much in advance

Try getting rid of the first line, the jquery.1.2.3 and see what happens.

Wow Tony - that worked - you are the man - thanks - so I guess it was just a conflicting item in my old version and some new version


you basically had 2 jguery libraries of the same thing.

Cs modified theirs with extended api calls, but the core is the same as you were calling.

So that was causing the error.

In newer versions of jquery there is a jquery.noconflict() function that allows for multiple jqueries to work on the same page w/o the errors you received.