"jquery Cdn" Page Speed Issue

Google page speed tools all time give me same alert; you can save 1.2 ms, 1 second is huge time .

doesn't it make more sense to load jquery libraries from local?

1.2ms is not 1 second, it's 1/1000 of a second.

What do you mean by "load jquery libraries from local"?

Jquery is loaded for the site at startup. However, Jquery UI is not generally a part of cs-cart (they use their own microcoding). So if you needed jQuery UI (or differeent version) loaded, you should use the my changes/hooks/head_scripts.post.tpl hook to load any specific versions you want.

My speed test report:

Third-party code blocked the main thread for 2,160 ms

Main-Thread Blocking Time
jQuery CDN 34 KB 2,029 ms
Does this jQuery delay the actual showing of the web page to the customer, what I mean is, is it noticeable to the user or a background process ?

cs-cart has an old jquery library. They don't update. In my opinion they are 1 year late with everything.


We are also having the same problem on a newly deployed multivendor store getting less than 25 for mobiles and less than 50 for desktop versions from Google PageSpeed Insights. The main blocker is the jQuery CDN that adds between 1 and 6 (!) seconds to the load time. Fortunately, the page seems to be rather fast when accessed directly form any device. However, we would greatly appreciate any advice on how to fix this.


That should be cached in your browser after the first load. If not, check your browser settings related to how long to cache JS files.

Its true that the CDN version might be fetched

very slowly in some cases

and generally slower than a paid CDN.

I think there is an assumption (which would be nice to have stats for)

that the user's browser already has that jQuery library

by downloading it when browsing another website

that already uses the same library.

Google PageSpeed Insights has gotten way too strict for mobile sites in a

way that I think few people take it seriously try to improve the score.

Major websites with millions of users fail to score more than 20 especially those

that are not custom made and are based on wordpress for example.