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I am trying to integrate interspire email marketer web forms to cs-cart cms pages. However it sems that I cannot simply copy the javascrip form validation and captcha to cms pages. Every form has its own javascript form so it is not the solution to copy the javascript to mete head of all pages.

Any solution how to add webforms. example code to add is here.

.myForm td, input, select, textarea, checkbox {
font-family: tahoma;
font-size: 12px;
.myForm {
background-color: #E7EEF7;
border: 1px solid #CCDCF2;
padding: 10px;
.required {
color: red;

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Put it in an HTML Block and place the block wherever you want it.

I have personally tried this and found that the general CS form validation functions are getting called when I press the submit button. I am guessing there is a trigger set someplace, but this is effectively breaking the method you’ve described.

Still looking for a solution… using 2.1.2

They use micro-classes for form validation. Anytime you see ‘cm-something’ (where something is like ‘required’), the javascript will validate according to those values. So if you’ve used the Form Builder for your form, then you will get their validation.

But given the code above (would really help if you bracketed in code tags so it’s readable) it doesn’t appear that yor form is using the micro-classes… I do not know if they have events set for things like submit that are more global in nature…

No, the code generated from Interspire - the form this thread started with - does not include any micro-classes - in fact it doesn’t include label tags.

I wouldn’t mind just using the micro-classes instead of the extra cobble. I’ll build out the DOM with micro-classes and get rid of the extra routine - see if a straight submit event will work.

I am guessing that without labels the CS validation process is seeing no elements to work with.

One would think the form builder would allow the option to POST form results to an external parsing page and not just force all forms of input to go to an email address. Hopefully that is something they’ll consider.

Please see my post here:


This may show why you’re having issues.