JavaScript Caching

Hey I am working on a custom addon, and I'm having some issues trying to get javascript to stop caching my custom javascript file.

At first, every time I made change to my JS file, I would see the changes take place right away. I was making a lot of alert() calls to debug my code, and I noticed that when I take the alerts() away, they are still showing up.

I am assuming it is some kind of cache issue. It is weird though, because the first few hours I was working on it, I was having no problems at all. Now I need to clear the entire cs-cart cache any time I want to get an update.

Here are a few extra details:

*I used the &cc at the end of my URL multiple times and it isn't helping.

*The front end code I am having trouble with is in it's own block that gets displayed on the product detail page.

*Here are my server cache settings:

$config['tweaks'] = array (
'js_compression' => true, // enables compession to reduce size of javascript files
'check_templates' => false, // disables templates checking to improve template engine speed
'inline_compilation' => true, // compiles nested templates in one file
'anti_csrf' => false, // protect forms from CSRF attacks
'disable_block_cache' => true, // used to disable block cache
'join_css' => false, // is used to unite css files into one file
'allow_php_in_templates' => true, // Allow to use {php} tags in templates
'disable_localizations' => true, // Disable Localizations functionality
'disable_google_base' => true, //Disable obsolete google base functionality

// Cache backend
// Available backends: file, sqlite, mysql
// To use sqlite cache the "sqlite3" PHP module should be installed
$config['cache_backend'] = 'file';

Any help on this would be appreciated.


Nevermind, an apache mod was messing things up. Got it figured out now.