Iventory Options rebuild gone bonkers

On some of my categories I have option combination. The combination has 3 verantes so they should look like this when I click on edit in product details to add invantory. As you can see not stock,

Choice Available: Best Quality For It’s Type

Product code: A

Quantity: 0

Position: 1

Choice Available: Average

Product code: B

Quantity: 0

Position: 2

Choice Available: Poor

Product code: C



This has worked fine for me, I import a spreadsheet of default products for a category and then fill in the options I have in stock. But with a new category I’m now doing the options are not showing when I click the edit button. All I see is “rebuild comninations”. Problem is when I do this the choices come back with all the wrong setting like this one; for example put 50 in stock :(

Choice Available: Best Quality For It’s Type

Product code: Blank

Quantity: 50

Position: 0

So I end up having to edit each option to put it right. Any ideas whats gone wrong, it’s slowing me adding my products as I might as well do each one at a time. I have about 15,000 product types and 8,000 unique options to add.