Disappear

I have been getting reports that items in the cart disappear, not individual items but all items when a customer goes to view cart or check out. This seems to happen more to people using AOL for their internet, but some say they are using internet explorer. Most of our customers are older and not any bit computer savvy. So trying to get info out of them is tough.

We are using cs-cart ver 2.1.1 a heavily modified template by cs-cart. After the last report of this, I cleared the cache, cleaned logs & statistics, and optimized database. This gets done every month or so.

The lady that has told me about the issue, estimates se as received 10 calls in the last month with this problem. In the last month we have had 454 orders placed. How knows how many times this has really happen and lost customers.

What should I be looking at to figure out this problem?

Thanks for any help,

David DeWitt

Internet explorer in compatibility view was one of the cuplprits, but fixed in V4.


I have been unable to replicate this problem in IE 11 with or with out using compatibility setting . Any other ideas why this might be happening?