Items and promo show up for admin

Not sure if this is a well-known bug or what, but on the latest Cs-cart single store version I’m experiencing the following.
When an admin logins in to the storefront, 2 things are happening.
1.Products show up in the cart even though they were removed from cart before logging out.
2. A catalog promotion is applied and a notice is shown on the header.

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  1. Was unable to reproduce.
  2. Was unable to reproduce.

Well, that’s strange. Perhaps it’s only on my website even though I haven’t touched the core code.

Try a double log out, first log out of the admin panel, then open your store page and log out of there.


Wow! that did the trick. Thanks for the help.
Do you know why this was happening? Also is this a permeant fix or will this be something I need to keep doing a lot?

I understand the log ins are independent. If you navigate to shop front using the floating menu at the bottom of screen when you are in the admin panel you are logged into the storefront, I can’t recall if it was other scenarios too.