Issues with the Review tab

I seem to have a problem with the Review tab on a site.


You will see by the Stars it has a Review but it’s showing two Review tabs and not one of them work, e.i. don’t show any information.

One other odd thing is that I added two products today and the option for Reviews is not showing at all.

Any ideas? :confused:

try to unistall and reinstall the comments and reviews addon. What version of cs-cart are you running?

I’m running the latest 2.0.8

Tried un-installing and re-installing and now I have two rows of stars as well as the two tabs that do nothing…

2.0.12 is the latest. You may want to upgrade if possible as I have no issues in this version.

Sorry I was looking at the wrong update. I am already running 2.0.12 :confused:

In the admin when you go under Design > Blocks > Products, how many review blocks do you see?

Nope just the one. Without hand coding the tpl files I can’t see how that could have been changed.

Are you using the SEO addon? If so I have seen some funky things like this happen with blocks. Try disabling it and see if you still see the same thing on a product page.