Issues With Siteground

Anyone else ever have issues with siteground? They have been fine up until now. I have been trying to upgrade to the newest version of cs-cart. The installation fail's and times out. I contacted cs-cart support team, and they stated that siteground temporarily change something on their end. Siteground came back and stated there is nothing wrong with their servers and blaming cs-cart for the problem, even after cs-cart support looked into this issue and basically said the cs-cart team has no idea what they are talking about. They want to move me to a cloud server (even though I get a whole 10 hits a day on the site) in order for me to be able to do the upgrade. So far this has been a piss poor experience. I will be moving my serveral hosting accounts to another server. Any one have any ideas of places for a good, shared place?

Looks like you use shared server. The main issue is that timeout on such servers is 30 seconds:

If you have a big store, you will not be able even complete products export with this value. It causes problems with upgrades also

Never goto Siteground, we have been having very poor support and they keep on blaming cs-cart performance and asking us to hire a developer to performance tune the application. We even switched to the Cloud plan with 4 CPU Cores / 2GB RAM but still our website goes down everyday which they say is due to poor sql queries in cs-cart. When we were on there Gogeek plan we never had a downtime but they use to limit our resources and put restrictions hence they forced us to upgrade to the Cloud plan but now they blame the cs-cart slow queries.

We moved a lot of our customers from Siteground to VPS.

Too much problems with Siteground .... and their business policies are not properly fair, as fleaffair mentioned here.

The most important issue with the shared hosting on all providers is the low I/O and a lot of limitations.

You can try self managed VPS on Vultr or Digitalocean, or search for managed VPS if your budget allows it.

On Vultr or DO CS-Cart runs fine on their $5 VPS plan... (Vltr now offers free $50 bonus for their trial period)

Yeah. Thing is, my store is not large at all, I would not even consider it medium.

Is Vultr managed? I seen too many option's when looking at the sign up process and I have ever little knowledge with server side stuff hehe. Was about to sign up with FastComet but wanted to look at Vultr after the recommendation. Thanks

Vultr and Digitalocean are both self managed. Each has a lot of tutorials to learn the management from the first steps.

You can install a free control panel, e.g: Centos web panel to manage your VPS.

Here are some useful tutorials:

There are many free control panels, everyone can decide which one to prefer (skip Sentora and Zpanel):