Issues paying with gift certificates

When purchasing with a gift certificate, it shows the total as $0 rather than actually showing the full total then a gift certificate was used as the purchase method.

The issue with the way it does it, is if it is processed with a gift certificate and the total is $0, then the order us automatically set as Processed even though it isn’t. That’s a problem.

I understand that it’s done that way because otherwise it will shows as income during its purchase and during its use which is no good. It also can’t be set with the discount, because then the gift certificate wouldn’t cover tax or shipping. I’m having that same issue integrating it with MS Dynamics GP. I tried negative line item amounts, but that has issues as well. Will probably create a special GiftCertificate account in it for cash deposits.

Anyway, I guess the best fix in CS Cart would be to not have the purchase marked as Processed if the total is $0. Because otherwise it will be overlooked and never will be Processed.