Issue With Vendors Store Layout


I have been using Multivendor v. 4.3.3 and I am struggling with an issue in Vendor Store Layout.

In my home page I added the “Vendors” block by which users can land in the all-vendors-page and then click on a vendor’s name. Once they do it, they land on vendor’s details page - whose layout should be configured by the “Vendor Store” Layout. When I tried to apply some changes in this layout, I saw that they did not affect the vendor’s details page.

I performed some searches in Google about the indexed pages from my website and I found that there is another version of the vendor’s details page. In this version, they have been applying the changes I have been handling by the “Vendor Store” Layout and it is different from the one which is invoked initially by the “Vendors” block embedded in the home page.

Basically, I see that there are two versions of vendors’ details page:

  1. The version initially invoked by the “Vendors” block (“Vendors” block in Home page → All-vendors-Page → Single Vendor’s details page) which cannot be handled by the “Vendor Store” Layout and whose URL is

  2. The version found in Google’s index, which can be configured by the “Vendor Store” Layout. It also includes the customers’ reviews and its URL is…&company_id=XX. This page is not linked by any page of my website and it is the page I would like to invoke by the “Vendors” block.

    Could you please help me to solve this problem?

    Thank you very much!



Hello Vincenzo,

We have developed the CS-Cart Multi-Vendor as per you requirement for one of our Singapore customer. Please check reference link in PM.

Our Vendor Page Pro addon can solve your problem.