Issue with USPS shipping options zip code + 4 digits

Our client has reported to us the following issue they are experiencing with USPS realtime shipping.

It seems that in the Checkout, if a user enters in their shipping zip code + the 4 digits extended zip code, no USPS shipping options come up. Only UPS shipping options appear. So for what ever reason, if someone enters their extended (extra 4 digits) zip code it does not allow the USPS shipping options to appear.

We tested an order with our zip code + the 4 digits (17025-3501) & no USPS appeared. As soon as we deleted the 3501, then USPS appeared.

Has anyone else experienced this issue before?

We are running version 1.3.5-sp3 of the software. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Has no one experienced this issue that I am referring to?

I’ve had some simular issues with the +4 not working. Customers are complaining that entering their +4 screws things up or it disallows them to do it.

There has to be some bug in there somewhere…



I submitted a helpdesk ticket and it came back stating:

Please let me explain.

In the documentation which we used for integration USPS shipping method in CS-Cart it is said that it only accepts 5-digit ZIP codes in the XML requests. If ZIP+4 is sent, the error will occur.

Unfortunately, we can do nothing to change USPS behavior, but we can offer you to pass only first five digits to USPS if zip code is entered in the zip+4 format. Please let us know whether this suits you.

Thank you.

Sincerely yours,

Kate Lazarevskaya

Technical support engineer


It looks like they are NOT going to play by the USPS rules !

Interesting. If my customers try to enter the +4, it shows an error.

I did have something happen to me today though, I changed our address and when I entered the Zip in the Admin, I entered the 5+4. No error, but I started having customers email me with. “no shipping options availble for this location” errors. I did some testing and when I removed the additional 4 numbers from my zip, it worked again.

I guess just the standard 5 are all that can be used.


[QUOTE]Interesting. If my customers try to enter the +4, it shows an error.[/QUOTE]

It is most likely because they are using an older version 1.3.5 SP3. I believe they have changed this behavior to a more intelligent way of handling it in versions

BTW, yes, the store address you provide to FedEx/UPS should only include the 5 digit zip code as what happened was that fedex or ups was not returning a rate from their end. This was a different issue altogether vs. the customer entering the extended zip in their order details.