Issue with upgrade page in Multi-vendor test site

Hi, I downloaded Multi Vendor 4.13.1.SP2, and setup a development site, I already have a paid license on another site.
I moved servers recently to start work on a project, but I am having an issue with the upgrade page.
Everything else in the admin works, but if I click on upgrade the page is unavailable.
below is what is displayed when error reporting is turned on. I am sure it is a server setting issue. I do have other CS Cart installations on the same server with no issues.



Object of class CurlHandle could not be converted to string

Error at

app/Tygh/Http.php, line: 437


File: app/Tygh/Http.php
Line: 70
Function: _mrequest
File: app/Tygh/UpgradeCenter/App.php
Line: 237
Function: mget
File: app/controllers/backend/upgrade_center.php
Line: 277
Function: checkUpgrades
File: app/functions/fn.control.php
Line: 685
Function: include
File: app/functions/fn.control.php
Line: 434
Function: fn_run_controller
File: admin_ramble_20_20.php
Line: 27
Function: fn_dispatch

To answer my own question.
The issue was down to the php version on the new server.


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Such a problem could happen if you are using CS-Cart older than 4.13.3 with PHP 8.0. However, full support for PHP 8.0 was only added in CS-Cart 4.15.1, so before you upgrade your installation to this version, you need to use PHP version 7.1 - 7.4.