Issue With "refine Search" Jumping The View To Half Way Down The Page

We have been very busy building a new part of our site for mobile phones. This new part of our site relies heavily on the excellent product features within cs cart. We have it working, however we have one issue with the filer on a category page:

When an option is selected in the "refine Search" section, the page view bounces to half way down the page. This is going to really annoy customers using the site. Does anyone know a fix for this? I would guess its quite simple, however I cannot work it out.

Thank you in advance.

Works ok for me on firefox


I do not see the issue as well. Did you find the solution?

Works fine for me too

Thanks guys, it was driving us nuts this one. We have checked it this morning and it was working as it should. However when we checked again later in the day the issue re-presented itself. It seems that sometimes it works and sometimes it does not. I can get this working in Chrome, however Firefox jumps the page half way down when an option is selected. Any help is greatly received on this.

Hi Guys - sorry not sorted. Really strange that you guys aren't experiencing this. The only variable between us and you would be were logged in as admin - logged out, problem persists. Also tried in multiple browsers, Chrome, Firefox, Edge.

Here is the issue

Looks like the issue exists when you have products in the Recently Viewed block. If this block is not displayed, everything works correctly

That's great eCom. We turned off the 'Recently Viewed' block and all is working as it should.

While this is a work around, shouldn't the filters and the 'Recently Viewed' block work together as they are both standard cs cart features. I am very keen on getting these two working on the same page as this category page is where customers can filter the phones they like and if they compare a few, it would make sense to keep the last 6 viewed on that page for future reference.

Is this a bug or can these two features not be used together?

Is this a bug or can these two features not be used together?

We have checked this on the demo and failed to reproduce the issue. Looks like it is a bug of 3rd party theme