Issue With Product Reviews

I’ve tried researching this issue, and can’t find a solution.

I just recently transitioned to the latest version of CS Cart from version 3, and just activated my product reviews tab. The issue I’m having is that the reviews show up at the bottom of the product description, and it doesn’t look good at all. Also, when you click the ‘Reviews’ tab next to ‘Description’, the reviews are listed twice.

I’ve included a couple of photos to hopefully explain this better.



hi Tom,

it looks as there are HTML errors with product description or general templates.

please provide FTP access so our specialists could check the issue.

best regards,

WSA team

We also can examine the issue, if you are ready to provide us with the temporary FTP access to PM. Thanks

You might also check the new requirement for addons related to script tags. You might have to add the tag that tells the templater NOT to move the script to the bottom of the page.