Issue with installation on new server

Trying to install the newest version of CS-cart on new server.

I can’t get past this error on the install page.

fail “Please check PHP session settings”

The path in the PHP ini file is /var/cpanel/php/sessions/ea-php80

I have not idea where to start. I have installed CS Cart on quite a few servers and never had this issue before, tried to research this but can’t figure it out.


Here’s an old post explaining that it’s a file permission issue.

Yes, I have seen that post, but it does not provide an answer to the issue that is in any way understandable.


Further to this issue, I setup a new folder within the directory of my existing CS-Cart multi store installation and have tried to install the current version of CS Cart.

I still get the same error fail “Please check PHP session settings”

My current installation runs perfectly.

I also made a copy of my current install into another folder /devsite, it runs perfectly, but when I go to upgrade it fails immediately.

I have now tried the new install on 4 different servers and I get the same issue.

I am stumped on this.


What are the permissions for /var/cpanel/php/sessions/ea-php80? It may only have permissions for root.