Issue Reversing Invoices (Storno) in Cs Cart

Reversing Invoices (Storno)
Cs cart should have option to issue/generate Reversing Invoices (Storno).

You issue a reversing invoice when the goods or services on an original invoice were not provided, or if an invoice is issued to the wrong customer. The reversing invoice must include:

  • Storno Invoice as the document title.
  • Reference to the original invoice that is being reversed.
  • Line product items of the original invoice, notated as a negative amount.
  • A one-to-one relationship between original and reversed invoices.
  • You enter a credit note to generate a reversing invoice.

By “invoices” you mean the standard documents that you can generate in vanilia Multi-Vendor? Or you mean invoices generated by some kind of external add-on?

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In this case you can use the RMA add-on. This add-on will create a negative value transaction in the accounting for the order that has been returned.