Is This Possible With Cs-Cart?

I was told I can use API or a feed from kole imports to add products to the my store. Is this possible with cs-cart and if so how is it done? Thanks

Hi Izoppo

we have developed a very handy XML product import tool for 42x. You can import products with images, prices, descriptions, categories, product code, catalog price, availability. It wil upgrade price changes, and it will hide products that are not in xml anymore. You can also have multiple xml (more than one supplier)

THe thing is that this Addon is not just install and forget. We need to maek it work with your xml fields, so there is some customization on that.

Let me know if this is for you. It works fine with a client that has a store with many xmls and he is not selling stuff, he is redirecting to the original store (affiliate)