Is This Normal? Paypal Cancel And Return Clears The Shopping Cart

If someone selects “cancel and return to ” from PAYPAL…

Is it normal for cs-cart to clear the cart contents so the customer must re-add products and checkout again?

never noticed this behavior until today

Doesn't do that for me on 4.1.2 with one page checkout or using paypal express from the checkout view page.

Are the orders showing in your admin panel? I wonder if you might have the return codes messed up somewhere and the cart things the order has been paid.

no its not. the added products should be there. there must be something wrong with your cscart codes.

thanks for replys…

What I see from the admin console side is incompleted order. I typically have to search the for the order by ID as 'N' in the DB. I then have to logon to paypal to validate if paid or not, if not then manually change status. Customers usually never re-add items and my sales have dropped big since 4.12. the default search for orders incompleted dosent work, so had to create separate dispatch id for it.

I have not changed any status codes since 3.xx. so I wonder if store import messed up something.

My assumption has been that default configs should work. any ideas where I should start looking?

Im at a point where I would love to start from scratch, but that would be a huge effort to reconfigure, the whole store.

Is this just happening on cancelled order or are all your PayPal orders failing?

If it's all of them then have a look at the logs in the admin panel, specifically the HTTP/HTTPS ones relating to PayPal payments. See if the reply section makes sense or if it's part of a line cut off.

the cart clears only if someone is on paypal's site and they select “cancel and return to (my website)”. maybe to choose another product, payment method or whatever.

I typically see incompleted statuses when someone completes transaction on paypal, then closes the browser without returning to my site.

in logs, they look correct… meaning the session always stays in https mode and nothing seems to be cut off.

UPDATE!!! Further Investigation has revealed that this is an IE 10, & 11 issue only, but I have no idea what is going on with it. If I add the site as trusted, then all works, but most customers will not want to do this. What I found different in my old v3 was the following from config.php:

fn_define('SKIP_SESSION_VALIDATION', true);

Adding did not work, but I had to add in this way:



The only issue I see would be an increased risk for a session to get hijacked; however I rather have sales over abandoned carts or lost revenue.

Cancelled (from paypal) or complete orders that don't return to my site still result as incompleted, but I can handle that I guess.

If there are any other thoughts or ideas on how to avoid doing the above without risking hijack attempts, please let me know.

Have you reported it in bug tracker?

I have got the same experiences as you do. Sales have also dropped drastically since we updated to 4.1.2. We also have a huge increase in “Abandoned / Live carts”. Earlier we only had 2-5 abandoned carts before, but after 4.1.2 we have 10-20 pr day.

If I spent 30 minutes adding products to cart, an the products would disappear from the cart, I might not want to go thru that process again. = Losing sales…