Is this even possible?

Hi Everybody!

Anybody know of a mod that will do something like this? —>

For some products I don’t keep them in stock because the options and configurations can be extensive, and I cant afford to keep them all in stock for the 50 or so a year that would probably sell, but i would like to list them anyway!

But I would like to have the colour of the dropdown options in red for the unavailable models (that can still be ordered) but then as soon as they are selected, a checkbox should appear to confirm to the customer that they have been backordered and the customer agrees?

Hope somebody might have an answer!

I am currently working on getting a quote on a mod that does something similar…but not quite the same since it is for a different reason. I’ll let you know if the mod is reasonably priced. If it is, I will get the mod done and you could test it out on my site. If you like it, you could explain to the dev team that it is similar to what you want with only a slight mod needed. Surely it wouldn’t cost much since most of the work will be done already.

I think the only difference in mine versus yours is mine would have a pop-up box that says (example) “you need to choose a color in step 2”. Which in my case would be the Global Option name. Yours would simply need to be changed to the variant name in place of that for the pop-up box.

I’ll let you know if it is cost effective for me to get this mod.

Hmm… sounds interesting!!!

Keep me posted!



Well I had the mod done. Mine doesn’t have a pop up box like you are wanting. I am simply able to make the variant un-selectable. See it in action at [URL]URL] in pretty much any of the pull down menus.

But this really doesn’t do what you need it to do. Just thought I’d let you know before I forgot.

If you don’t want to pay to get the mod done I would simply put an explanation next to the variant; something like “This colour is custom order”. Then have a note below the box (in the Extras area) stating the details about custom ordered products.

Its actually quite good, but you are right, its more complex that what i was after lol.

Thanks for posting it!, its good to see what they can do when someone pays them :smiley: