Is this bad? Google Webmaster Tools

I have 26 crawl errors in Google Webmaster Tools - I launched this weekend.

They are mostly for products for which URLs changed URLs. For example when you click on the link Google Webmaster Tools has an error for you get:

“Not Found

The requested URL /store/products/25mm-Round-Peace-Sign-Rhinestone-Slide-Buckle.html was not found on this server.

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.”

The actual URL for this product is


I am not sure this is bad or not - since we just launched on this domain, none of those URLs have any incoming links or anything. Maybe it crawled the site before we re-migrated the product database and the URLs changed between migrations. I notice some products on the list that we migrated and then I deleted as well as some test products I deleted.

However, I am not sure why it doesn’t go to my pages’ 404 page either. It is working, if you type a bad URL when you are on my site.

I do have the SEO add on installed and it appears that if you change the name of the product the URL does not change - am I right? (this was a huge irritant with ISC)

Thanks in advance!

use service, they will give you better result for avoiding mistakes done in SEO. And they are free of cost and paid version too.

After you have created a product, once you change the name it will not change the URL structure by default like ISC which is horrible. If you need to change your product URL after editing the product name, while editing the product click the Addons tab and you will see the URL of the the product. Just empty this field save your product and it will generate the new URL.

404's are perfectly fine and part of the web do not worry about them. Here is an excellent blog post from Google Webmaster Tools in regards to 404's Do 404's hurt my site

Don't worry about it Laura. Google saves old urls for a long time, but this will go away if you keep your urls the same.

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