Is there such a feature?

I use Multivendor 4.1.12, only just bought it a week ago, so I’m not sure what is available and what isn’t.

Like the social media sites, when people sign up, it allows them to create a username, which in turn creates their custom URL. Can we do that?

I am working on a band merch site, where bands will want their band name as username (most likely) and part of their URL. So would want them to be able to choose their username on registration rather than me assigning one

Thank you

If you mean vendors - yes, vendor microstore has SEO URL generated from vendor company name

It can be changed later as well

Thanks for the reply!
I think I’ve made myself unclear.
I’d like it where the vendor can choose a username upon registration and the system will check to see if that username is available. Like they do on Twitter (Step 2 for Username and Password)

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No, there is not such feature in cs-cart by default. you have to make a custom addon for that. ask @ecomlabs for help. he is a good guy and expert on cs-cart. he can help you on this.

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Something like in the screenshot, where they can create username and password upon registration

No, I am afraid there is no such field during registration for the vendors.

By default, the SEO name for the vendor is being automatically generated from the company’s name, which later can be changed by the vendor. This can be changed at the Add-ons tab in the SEO-name field of the vendor’s profile:

I hope it will help you.