Is there any limitation on CSV import file size or number of products?


Is there any limitation on CSV file size or number of products ? I have a 42Mb file with 45.000 products that I try to import via admin panel and its stuck like this no new product is added when I check products. I also tried vis ssh but it give me file not found error.


This could be due to the timeouts set on your server :slight_smile:

Please contact your hosting support or server administrator and ask them to increase the timeouts. They will be able to see which specific timeouts needed to be increased in the error log, as there will be a log entry detailing which timeout interrupted the process.

But its stuck from the first second and not a single product is added. There is no error logs. I have another 500 products csv that takes 30 minutes due to slo vendor website and I had no timeouts errors.

Also, why I’m getting ‘Cannot read uploaded file’ or similar when I run the import command via ssh?

Error log is empty, or is missing on the server?

Definitely you need to check the error logs.

I found the log, import works now on admin area, it was related to php memory limit to low. My biggest problem right now is to enable cron for big csv live feed files 50-150Mb but it fails with “Cannot read uploaded file”.

Try raising upload_max_filesize and post_max_size.

It was 200M so I increase both again to 1040M , still the same ,via ssh I get [Error] Cannot read uploaded file. Import runs via admin area, only via ssh fail.

200M should be plenty.

Is the system (the server not CS-Cart) running on a different version of PHP?

Both the webhosting control panel and cs-cart website php are set to php 7.4. I altered website php settings file to increase those values. Initially the import also failed via admin area (as the thread reported issue), it was stuck with import window doing nothing, but after increasing the php values it works but cron exists and can do it automatically, I need to solve this problem.

I uploaded a test 10 products csv file. I got the same result - [Error] Cannot read uploaded file.

What do I do wrong , is there any missing php extension./module from the server that can’t read csv files ?, I don’t know which one of this requirements does that CS-Cart System Requirements — CS-Cart 4.17.x documentation

mbstring is installed on server.

This could be a result of many different factors. Please contact us via Help Desk on this case.

Yes , I’m working with an add-on that does that.