Is There Any Confirmation Menu After Buyer Successfull Made A Local Bank Payment In Multi Vendor Cart?

is there any confirmation menu after buyer successfull made a local bank payment in multi vendor cart?

example : buyer transfer money to our site (local bank payment) and buyer need confirmation, i didnt see any confirmation page / menu in multi vendor cart.

in admin panel i didnt see anything about confirmation payment.


"menu"? Not sure what you're looking for here.

What payment method are you using that does ACH or account transfers?

It is that payment method that should be supplying the confirmation from the bank. The system will only display info on order status changes.

i mean. site only support bank local payment for order. buyer transfer money using my bank account. after buyer receive an item from a seller. i will transfer the money direct to the seller.

in this case. if buyer transfer the money in to my bank. is there any confirmation page for buyer confirm the money already been transfered. so i can check my bank transaction payment. after receive the money. i will progress the order and forward in to seller. if i didnt receive the money. status change to cancel/ignore

We can do this payment confirmation button addon for you. Please feel free to contact us here.

so i need custom plugin right? and cs cart multivendor didnt support ESCROW system? Local bank Account

There is no ESCROW mechanism built in to cs-cart. Who would be the escrow agent? The merchant?

A buyer will (unless you use Simtech's addon that causes a buyer to submit a CC transaction for every vendor in an order) submits a single payment to you (the merchant).

Whether a notification is displayed about the payment is a function of what payment method/integration you are using. Generally you get the "Order placed successfully" notification. That text can be changed by you by adjusting the language variable.

If you want a special notification based on the order status on the orders.summary page then that is pretty easy to do with a "post controller".

But if you are using some kind of ACH payment method (like Dwolla or something) then it should really be part of the payment method to supply that type of notification.

For example, when a customer gets to the checkout cart, they will only have to go through 1 payment process even though they have items from multiple vendors. (MY BANK PAYMENT)..

after buyer successfull transfer the money. Buyer Confirmation using Menu Confirmation page/page confirmation.

Admin Site Check The Payment. Accept > An admin progress to Seller to delivery the order.

Ignore > admin Cancel The progress order.

i didnt using the 3rd site for payment process. just Manual.

where i can find these setting?

My Site
Buyer make Payment to (my site, My local bank payment "no 3rd party)
and buyer confirmation via Page menu. and i have notification on admin panel menu about confirmation buyer transaction to my bank account.

i check the money.
Receive > Admin Process and Change Order Status to Proses to the seller. seller shipping the item
Reject > Admin Process and Change Order to Cancelation. and Seller didnt receive the process order