is there a way to use securepay merchant

Is there a way to use secure pay merchant account in cs-cart. all i see is the secpay option payment and thats the uk payment?

I also have a securepay merchant account and they do use their own processing which doesnt work with the cart. I had to contact them and ask them to set up an account for me. Just took 2 days and everything works just fine.

Well im talking to them few days now. they told me to go to a link and read from authorizenet site but the link is not good and they driving me crazy any idea what to do? maybe you can pm me with a solution. i started thinking about getting another cart or another merchant account.


Well, I didn’t have much trouble with them. I called them and told them I need them to set up a account because that was the only company my cart would work with. I told them that they advertise as Authorize compatible on their site (its why I signed up), but once I got into my account, I learned that they have “similar” to Authorize processor but it was their own thing.

I think you just talking to someone whom doesn’t know about this hidden option they have. Maybe ask for tech support or a manager. Regardless, I hate to brag but I got it done in one call. Took them 2-3 days to set it up.

For anyone interested i have built a SecurePay Payment Gateway Addon for CS-Cart 2.1.X which seems to be working great - i will be wanting to retail this addon at around $49.99 for my work and effort - soon i will be releasing a dedicated site to sell addons, gateways and skins but for now if you urgently want this one give me a PM