Is There A Way To See Statistics For Visitors?

I want to see where users / customers came from to get to my website. CsCart had this as an add-on module for many years and recently discontinued it. I would like to know is there an add-on available for this or a statistics module for multivendor 4.2.2? Is there an outside statistics website that we can get this information from. Is there a “who's online?” add-on or mod? A website with exact current data anyone can refer me to?



You can use google analytics, verry advanced, or you can use in your hosting admin panel view the statistics. Every hosting panel have this standard.

Woopra and Piwik are also good alternatives.

Google Analytics might help or Piwik as an open source custom solution. And for the alternative: [color=#333333][font=Arial, sans-serif][size=3]ShinyStatâ„¢[/size][/font][/color]

Does google analytics offer website stats in real time? I could't find that anywhere. Piwik offers real time stats like in the last hour or 30 mins.

You can try Gostats, It works better than Google Analytics. It reports website stats in a systematic way. It has some new advance features, tracks each visitors details, page views in a real time. It is easy to install and read.