Is there a way to create something like CJ Dropshipping using CS cart multivendor ultimate?

Hi, I am using CS cart multivendor ultimate and I want to create something like CJ Dropshipping. A platform were people can import products to their Shopify stores and sell them and the order to come back to me for fulfillment. Can it be done?

Well, there is an add-on responsible for handling fulfillment by Marketplace:

And add-on which lets you import products from Shopify:

So I think you should request a demo with both of these add-on installed, and check yourself if they do fit your requirements.

As you already have cs-cart MV ultimate you should have the add-ons mentioned by soft-solid. You may need to activate them. However I don’t think that is the solution to your requirement.

If I understand you correctly your issue seems to be when the member runs out of stock in shopify you want the order to come back to you. There is no cs-cart functionality that does that. I think you might need something like SyncSpider - cross platform inventory tracking - I haven’t used or tested, if it works please share as you pose a question similar to that asked by others ovetime.

I was looking for something that different Shopify stores to import products from my store and when the order is made in their stores(outside cs cart) to come to my store for me to fulfill.

Then you’d need a full-sized integration between Shopify and CS-Cart, which isn’t something that can be easily done.
There is this add-on: CS-Cart Shopify Connector
So you may want to take a look into it and see if it fits your expectations.