Is There A Way To Change The Display Order Of Additional Images

Nearly everything in CS cart has a display order.

But the additional images apper not to.

Am I missing a trick?

I’ve wondered that in the past as well.

It seemed to me that the order always followed the order they were loaded in. So plan ahead and load them in, in the order you want them to display.

Additionally, I also found that if you delete an image, and try to replace it with a new one, the new one will get sent to the back of the line, so to speak. So if you want the new one to be shown first, you’ll need to replace the others as well. I dunno - maybe there’s a workaround for this that I didn’t find at the time.

That matches what I have discovered.

Because of this problem and the general tedium of adding multiple images, we asked CS-Cart staff to build us a module that allows bulk upload of additional images.

It was quite inexpensive and works great. It solves the order thing because all you have to do is organize the filenames sequentially.

I don’t know how they handle those auxillary products, but I’d ask!

We’re very happy with it.

Within a category the most recent added is displayed first within the list.

A product can be moved to the first of the list by changing its category and then changing it back.

So although not ideal -this system can be used to reorder a list so that it displays in the “default” order as wanted.

(Not as nice as being able to set the order with position numbers though)