Is There A Reason Cs-Cart 4 Is Not Using Browser Cache

I guess I may have put this in the HTACCESS myself or someone who has helped me with things here on the forum may have done it, but I am wondering why CS-Cart doesn't have something to tell a users browser which files to cache and which ones to not. When you do the different test for speed on sites like it will lower your “grade”. In my vs2.2.5 I had the following:

ExpiresActive On
ExpiresDefault "access plus 10 years"

So I put this in the new HTACCESS for version 4.1.2 and on the grade we went from 84/82 to 94/90. I still hope to get it better, but it's a good start and it is faster than I ever had 2.2.5.

So does anyone know if there is a reason this is not already in the HTACCESS for CS4?

Take a look here…

I could not get their fix to work.

I was able to put the code in at the link you provided, but it did not change anything on the speed that I can see.

At least it didn't crash your site… When I did it, I dumped the cache files from the server then reloaded our site then got a 500 error… Returned it back and everything worked.

I ended up changing it on 2 different sites and it worked fine…so far. I've tried a couple different browsers, another pc and also my mobile device and so far they are still up.

On the images, I'm going to have to remember to put that back in when CS4.1.3 comes out. Odds are they are going to try to fix the HTACCESS and it will write over what I just fixed.