Is there a marketplace for CS-Cart 3 addons somewhere?

I see there is a forum here which lists CS Cart2 addons, some of which may or may not be upgraded to version 3. That forum seems to lack any organization.

I also see a company listing which is called 'marketplace', but that doesn't list or explain addons. That a small link directory.

Is there a marketplace somewhere which provides an overview of addons, payment methods, shipping methods, etc.

Is there something similar to:

Magento Extensions & Themes for Your Online Store | Marketplace

Is there a marketplace to hire developers, and see their track record?

I found that there are virtual no CS-Cart experts on or

I really don't know why a CS-Cart marketplace doesn't exist, it would attract much more users than there are currently. +1 for my vote.

Agreed. It's needed.

Yeah, cs-cart should def. start this.

I'm on interspire which was discontinued and looking to find a new cart. As part of my eval, app marketplace was one of the features I was looking for since magento, bigcommerce, and even lemonstand have one. Addons are going to play a major role.

A well oranized marketplace is needed!

Has anybody had any progress on this?

If CS-Cart would add an addon marketplace to then this would be a big boost to:[list]

[]the income of addon developers

]the availability of addons, as more addons would be created

[]the ease of finding addons

]the ease of finding trusted developers

[*]CS-Cart as a whole, because the software would become more attractive


Its actually pretty amazing that CS-Cart does not use their own software to provide an addon marketplace.

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Its actually pretty amazing that CS-Cart does not use their own software to provide an addon marketplace.


Yeah if only there was a cool MultiVendor software out there in the world to create something like this… :shock:

This is really cs-cart’s major flaw. The cart itself, the admin, it’s all top notch compared to competitors and i’ve tried many.

Where cs-cart really lacks behind is integration. This might not seem to important when you are just starting, but when you start to have some serious orders you will need more: accounting, purchase orders, helpdesk & crm, the possibilty to print shipping labels, etc.

If only cs-cart had a marketplace (and an API!) I’m sure these add-ons would be there. It should be controlled by cs-cart - heck, they could even use their own software and take 30% of the sales - other carts do this as well. We could read reviews about an add-on, developers and so on which would mean we can take decisions based on experience.

Then the ball should start rolling: if cs-cart becomes more interesting for developers, add-ons will be developed for apps like Xero, Capsule crm, Brightpearl, Kashflow, Unleashed, etc. Which means cs-cart would be mentioned and linked to on these sites.

To CS-cart - don’t you understand this would be the best PR you would ever get? It would mean you name in front of thousands of potential customers.

Even new competitors like lemonstand already have a grown up marketplace - cs-cart, this should be your focus. Not spitting out little unneeded features. Honestly, 2.25 was a great cart - we really didn’t need version 3 so much. Yes, being able to move blocks around is nifty, but once the design is there, who really cares?

Would love to hear your response and if we can expect a change in this for the future.

Thanks for your attention :)

Hi, I've been working on one on and off for the last few months but ran out of time. I'm hoping to have it live sometimes in January.

I believe this is really needed. What can we do make this happen? CS-Cart Developers, what would you need in order to provide a single stop shop for add-ons? All of you have separate websites, but you have to know about them.

I would be willing to volunteer my time and quite possibly give some money to see a solution happen. I think a Marketplace provide validity for a product and also builds the community.


A cart that's not a moving target.

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Hi, I've been working on one on and off for the last few months but ran out of time. I'm hoping to have it live sometimes in January.


Honestly, while I really appreciate the effort I think the cs-cart marketplace is something cs-cart should own and control.

Chances are if somebody else starts this, in a year or so they will grow tired of it or don't have the time anymore and leave it for what it is.

CS cart have developed a few well needed addons lately at competetive rates, I have a couple which were done in house by them and I know the price is well cheaper than what was previously charged. In specific an addon that allows the minimum qty of a product to be shared amongst options, and a view larger product option image with the ability to import the product option images.

I havent shared these as the conversation went along the lines that they were willing to sell at these reduced rates to everyone else and i didnt want to upset the apple cart. I know a couple of others are in the pipeline too for various things that have cropped up on the forums lately. I am guessing that they may have took the decision to develop these at low price to potentially set up a marketplace when “a catalogue” is done…would be a great idea and comments from CS would be a good pre sale tactic.


It would make CS-Cart put there money where there mouth is in regards to the MultiVendor edition.

Hello everyone!

We are glad to announce the opening of the marketplace for CS-Cart “CS-Market”. Our goal is the creation of common CS-Cart marketplace which contains everything you need to make your store more successful.

Browsing our site you can find CS-Cart add-ons, templates as well as custom development service. Besides, being the authorized reseller and official partner of CS-Cart we are glad to offer CS-Cart Professional edition for the lowest possible price.

Please follow the news at our site in order to keep up on new products.

If you need any additional information please feel free to contact us.

Sincerely yours,


Seems like a very very risky business for any add-on developer to put their entire product catalogue and thus their livelihood into the hands of a complete unknown…just saying.

A related request:

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XenForo is much more user friendly and modern. Its jQuery based and therefore suits CS-Cart.

[url=“XenForo community”][/url]

XenForo has a major benefit for CS-Cart: it has a Resource Manager (Directory / Marketplace) included: [url=“Resources | XenForo community”][/url]

It can also be used like this: [url=“”][/url]

This would allow addon developers to present their addons here in a very professional way.

It would also allow designers, developers, administrators, SEO companies to offer their services.

All of this without any need for Simbirsk to deal with payments.

Migration from IPB to XenForo is a breeze and can be done in a few hours. I can even do it for you if you need assistance from an experienced professional.