Is The Old Statistics Addon Alive And Well Somewhere Else ?

There just doesn't appear to be any good substitute for it.

I don't want all this metrics stuff. I just want to see who is on my site

and what individual products they are looking at.

Is it dead or is someone tinkering with it out there ?


isn't Google Analytics ok for you? article - CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation

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WSA team

cs cart power has a good addon , better than the olds stats addon

Why did CS-Cart kill the old addon…does anyone know?

[quote]Why did CS-Cart kill the old addon…does anyone know?[/quote]

the reason might be usual - too resource-taking to support as affiliates or recurring billing

besides this module was a killer for medium-loaded stores - its tables were filled to intensively and after some months heavy queries for statistics slow down online shops

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WSA team

It would still be nice to have it sitting in addons

albeit with a 'Resource Hog' label.

Found it ( or rather I was linked to it ). Looks like these people must have purchased or been given the code ( does Simtech ring a bell ).

It appears to have been tarted up a little ( maybe a lot ) but it's the same familiar format.

What's next ? Are we going to see Form Builder deprecated then pop up for sale elsewhere.